Our Businesses

We provide a wide range of services

Manpower Supply & Staff Augmentation​

We partner with Companies in order to staff their work stations and or projects in responds to their business objectives. Through this, we accelerate our client’s business by providing staffs with the right qualifications and skills that will raise the productivity and effectiveness of their total workforce, thus making our clients more profitable and competitive.​

Recruitment & Manpower Sourcing​

On behalf of our partners we use our experienced professionals, and approved methodology and systems in place to source, evaluate and select candidates with the relevant knowledge and skills suitable for identified position(s), in respect to the specifications and needs of our partners.​

Expatriate Management Services​

We provide the best expat management services in Cameroon. We offer flexible, efficient and effective HR and related solutions to expatriates of our partners based in Cameroon. Thus, we ensure that our partner’s and their expats in Cameroon for work are comfortable, and concentrate on their assignments while we perform certain services on their behalf. ​

Payroll Outsourcing​

We partner with Companies so that, they can focus on their core businesses and allow the management of their contract, foreign and domestic payroll, short term and seasonal workers to our tax and payroll experts. Our objective here is to minimize the tax and other liabilities that may arise from payroll management, and ensure that accurate values of payroll taxes and employee’s salaries are paid and on time.​


NERCO provides the best coaching services in Cameroon and in Africa; to individuals and business owners. We have in place processes and methods designed to help and assist individuals (Clients) achieve identified set of goals, so as to improve their professional and personal performance and satisfaction within a formally defined coaching agreement.​

HR Advisory​

We provide professional HR advice to partners’ in Cameroon, to enable them make value added and profitable management decisions.​

Workplace Training – Companies

Register your employees to train and acquire knowledge and skills that will make them more productive. Check out our training courses.