HSE Policy Statement


NERCO recognizes and accepts its responsibilities in terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

NERCO considers that the best interests of the Group and its employees are served by a positive approach to health and safety by management and employees. As such NERCO engages to help provide adequate control of health and safety risk arising from its work activities, including its environment, thus ensuring continuous prosperity for the Group and its employees.

It is the duty of Management at all levels to apply health and safety during the policy decision making process and to encourage the Group and the industry best practice in the planning and execution of all activities to ensure the implementation of safe systems at work by employees.

Management will consult with employees and their representatives on their health and safety concerns, and in particular in the development and review of safe systems of work.

All personnel will, in the course of their employment, be trained to identify and to eliminate or control the effects of hazards in their area of work. All employees must conduct their tasks according to the NERCO’s procedures and statutory rules and regulations in such a way as to prevent accidents, damage to installations, equipment, facilities and the environment in general. In particular it is the duty of all visitors, customers and the public in general. All sub-contractors, other workers and visitors to NERCO estates will be expected to comply with NERCO’S requirements in relation to health and safety matters.

NERCO is fully committed to continuous improvement in matters concerning health and safety and will work to achieve this through setting objectives and targets which are both achievable and quantifiable.

This Policy Statement applies to every employee of NERCO GROUP; in your own best interest, and that of your fellow employees, I require you to make yourself thoroughly aware of its content, adhere to it at all times and assist me in its implementation.

The responsibility of planning, monitoring and verifying adherence to the NERCO’s Health and Safety Policy Statement has been delegated to the Directors, Senior Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Supervisory Managers and Safety Committees already in place. 

Ngwese E. King, ACCA