About Us

NERCO (New Era Recruitment & Consultancy)

Who we are

NERCO (New Era Recruitment & Consultancy) is a reputable license Recruitment Firm in Cameroon, specialized in the provision of related HR services so as to effectively and efficiently support the implementation of organizational strategies.

We partner with companies to accelerate their business by providing the people and services that will maintain and raise the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their total workforce and operations. Thus, we provide the kind of people and services that makes companies and organizations more profitable and competitive in the 21st century business environment.

Our Vision

To become the Leading Recruitment firm in Africa, for the provision and delivery of services, that is in accordance with the specifications and expectations of stakeholders

Our Values

They Comprise of; Integrity, Empathy, Friendliness, Timeliness and Innovation.

Our Motto

We are Experts and Professionals Serving, Working and Building Competitive Firms

Mission Statement

¬ To offer Recruitment Services to Companies and Organizations in Cameroon and across the Globe.

¬ To Operate a Service Culture by Creating an Environment of Genuine Care, Trust, Respect, Fairness and Teamwork through Training, Education, Empowerment, Participation, Recognition, Rewards and Career Opportunities.

¬ To Help Partners become competitive and create value for shareholders by Aligning Strategy, Systems and People around the Needs of their business.

¬ To Maximize Stakeholders Value by Consistently:

i. Providing the highest level of partner’s satisfaction,

ii. Upholding the highest level of safety and security,

iii. Maximizing employee’s satisfaction,

iv. Working as a committed team while providing world class quality service(s),

v. Serving partners from private, public and Para-public organizations,

vi. Meeting up with partner’s demands and specifications,

vii. Using professional skills and I.T innovations to provide reliable and affordable services.

Our history

NERCO was founded and established in January 2010, and was incorporated in September 2011. It was founded by a UK Trained Chartered Certified Accountant (under the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), of Cameroonian Origin, by name Ngwese E. King. He is also an Experience Professional in the world of Accounting, Finance and Business, and a Holder of a Master of Science (MSC) Degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, UK.

NERCO is made up of a team of experienced and qualified professionals whose aim, is to help its partners to capitalize on new and unseen talents – driven opportunities so as to achieve more than they can imagine, through the provision of Recruitment, Manpower Supply, and Consultancy Services within Cameroon and the African Market. With the high competition in the 21st century global economy, the world of work is changing faster than ever and the old rules of business are losing their relevance. No longer does money or technology guarantees growth and productivity; it is talents and skills that drive business forward. 

Our team of experts and professionals through robust systems, uses our services to bring to our partners; innovative workforce solutions that will power their business and enable them to defeat competition and stay ahead of rivals, while guaranteeing their going concern for the foreseeable future. We have developed and maintained a work culture that maximizes stakeholders’ value, and manages tight schedule and deadlines while meeting up with our partner’s demands and specifications within Cameroon and the African Market.


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