Publication: Profitable Approach to payroll Management in Cameroon & Africa

The main purpose of this paper is to:

  • To educate some organizations and firms on what payroll management in practically situation entails,
  • To identify payroll management business environment,
  • To identify the type of organizations and firms that should engage in payroll outsourcing; and the resulting benefits attached to payroll outsourcing.
  • To identify profitable approach to payroll management.

This paper is on the topic “profitable approach to payroll management”. It is made up of Literature review, which includes write-ups base on practical working environment towards payroll management; payroll processes; challenges of in-house payroll management; payroll business environment, and benefits of outsourcing payroll. Base on the findings, the paper ends up with the best approach that certain types of organizations/firms should use in other to manage their payroll profitably.

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