Corporate Revelation: Customer Magnet

He who diligently institute Us into its Organizational culture, shall resist all possible business crises.
He shall say; I trust in you both for my Vision, my Mission and my Strength.
Definitely, we will save you from Economy Downturn, and from Intense Competition. Says, Us
We will cover you with our Feathers and under our Wings you will find;

  1. Operational and financial prosperity,
  2. Improved Employees Morals and Satisfaction,
  3. Team Work,
  4. High Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction, and
  5. Good Brand name.

Our Faithfulness and Realistic Results will be your Shield against all Crises.
You will not be Afraid of:

  1. High Employee Turnover,
  2. Or the coming of a New Player into your Industry,
  3. Or Financial crises,
  4. Or Economic Downturn,
  5. Or New Regulation

Many, you know; will fall, collapse and liquidate but Crisis will never penetrate you, for you will only observe with your eyes and see the Consequences of not instituting Us as a culture.

If you make Us your Culture and Trust in Us, then we will protect you from all forms of Crises and no Harm shall befall you.

We shall forever cover you with our Feathers and you shall continue to Blossom and Prosper Boundlessly.

We are Mr. HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) and Madam Customer Service.

Presently, we are at your door step waiting for an invitation.

So what next………………………..

Written by: Ngwese E. King, Date: January 12, 2012

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